In 2006, the BMW showroom at Lenbachplatz, Munich, the former BMW Group Pavilion, celebrated its 50th anniversary.

BMW Lenbachplatz 1956

BMW Lenbachplatz 1956


Between 1953 and 1956, Professors Sep Ruf and Theo Pabst created the BMW Group Pavilion at Lenbachplatz and the ensemble that surrounds it.
Architecturally anchored in the Bauhaus tradition, the light, almost immaterial pavilion made of glass sits in the axis of the square.
Here, right in the center of Munich, it invites you as a showcase for the BMW brand to meetings of innovative technology, art and culture.

BMW 502 V8 Baroque Algel

BMW 502 V8 Baroque Algel

1962 – Premiere of the BMW 1500 New Class

In the 1960s, the legendary BMW “New Class” debuted at the BMW Group Pavilion. And even then, BMW created in the pavilion at the same time a center for the encounter with contemporary art and innovative design. In the basement, a gallery of applied design presented an international avant-garde.

BMW NK 1500 - New Class

BMW NK 1500 – New Class

1985 – From the pavilion to the world of presentation.

In the mid-eighties, BMW revolutionized the pavilion with a trick: the basement was opened wide and the false ceiling was partially removed. The result was a two-story open presentation world that received its light in part through the capture of sunlight using modern heliostats. For example, BMW constantly continued to write the history of architecture in this Bauhaus-influenced pavilion.

BMW Lenbachplatz 1985

2003 – The showroom is born

Since its inauguration, the BMW Group Pavilion, now on the list, has become a modern Gesamtkunstwerk (work of art).
Like a showroom in the heart of the city, it draws over a thousand interested passersby every day, seven days a week.
There are also 60 to 80 events a year, some of which last until the early hours of the morning. The BMW Group Pavilion is a fascinating and multifaceted meeting and dialogue place. A gem in the center of Munich, powered by BMW.

BMW Lenbachplatz 2003

BMW Lenbachplatz 2003

BMW Lenbachplatz Hoy

BMW Lenbachplatz Today

BMW Lenbachplatz Vista Interna

BMW Lenbachplatz Internal View 1

BMW Lenbachplatz Subterráneo

BMW Lenbachplatz Underground

BMW Lenbachplatz is not open to the public.
Active Members of Official BMW Club (Valid Membership Card) may schedule visits through BMWCLAF.
Mon to Sat: 10 am to 8 pm
Sun: 11 am to 6 pm
BMW M5 Competition Convertible F91

BMW M8 Competition Convertible F91