BMW Performance Center West


THE SCHOOL IS NOW IN SESSION. Take a seat, literally. Get behind the wheel of the Ultimate Driving Machine® at the BMW Performance Driving School. With over 1.7 combined miles of paved track in various settings, you can see and feel real-life driving conditions. Learn to recover from a slide on your wet skidpad.

Improve your accident avoidance skills with instructions from your driving professionals. You can move to the head of the class in their action-packed M Schools. Try to get away from the permagrin while driving on a drifting and screeching lap of tires.

Experience multiple vehicles on a BMW Performance Center Drive and venture out into the Other Roads field and watch their X vehicles tackle terrain challenges like no other.


BMW Performance Center West – Track View 1


They offer teen schools, car control, M schools, drives, tours, and even motorcycle training for those who live on two wheels. Your corporate and group events are better than ever. Its 64,000-square-foot facility features multiple conference rooms with multimedia capabilities, outdoor bistro seating and M Cafe, gift shop, and for those buying a new BMW, its delivery center. With all the educational seat time, adrenaline fun, and sheer excitement at the Ultimate Playground, you can see why your school has perfect attendance and a stellar graduation rate.


BMW Performance Center West – Track View 2


BMW Performance Center West is not open to the public.
Discount and scheduled visits to Active Members of Official BMW Club (Valid Membership Card) through BMWCLAF.



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